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Private Yoga Instruction with Brian Buturla
Customized Yoga at its Best!
Private Yoga Trainer

Brian has personally customized the private yoga experience for individuals with almost every conceivable health restriction and limitation (click for details).

Whether you are new to yoga, think that your current practice is missing something, or a high performance athlete who needs to balance and cross train . . .

Private Yoga Instruction with Yogi Brian will help you connect with the postures and movements that are appropriate, right and healing for your current condition.

Benefit from breaking the rules of yoga class silence and get the answers to your complex questions.

Private Yoga Trainer
  • Free your body from current pains and past injuries
  • Improve and balance your personal energy level
  • Eliminate all forms of anxiety, stress and depression
  • Lose weight and master your metabolism
  • Align your spine and balance your musculoskeletal system
  • Increase your bone's density and joint's range of motion
  • Sculpt your body with non-combative muscular development activities
  • Improve your ability to create, concentrate and breath more easily
  • Balance your body to nature and the natural environment

Benefit from breaking the rules of yoga class silence and get the answers to the complex questions you are looking for. Simply complete the GET STARTED! page to begin working on what's most important to you.
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