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I believe that if you want a strong and balanced body one of the most important things needed is an understanding of nature and the natural elements. Specifically gravity and the way you position yourself with and against it on your yoga mat. It is ALL done right there, you do not need to go far or even to a health club. Gravity is one the strongest forces that governs our planet, and when used properly with correct positioning it can do amazing things for us.

We have an innate natural ability to heal and balance ourselves...
Yoga for back pain
We have an innate natural ability to heal and balance ourselves, we just need to listen more to our own inner voice in a pure environment. Some of my best teachers include the ocean, the open sky along with the sun, the moon, and the wind. These positive and natural forces in appropriate doses help remove negative forces that take and hold our minds and bodies into the dis-ease process.

Most people have a hard time learning from the elements because the message is so raw and they have nothing to apply it to. That is where I come in. I act as the translator between the inner guru (best natural teacher) and the student. That inner voice is what brought you to this web page, and for a brief moment everything else should be silenced so you can hear its message clearly.

. . . It's what's in your heart that matters most.
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